Welcome to our endless love for summer community. We are so thankful for your support. Inspired by faraway places, warm tones and natural materials, we carefully select the most beautiful products from sun soaked countries. Our Rugs are hand woven by locals in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. We especially love to collect them Vintage because of the beautiful faded tones and patterns that appear by the years. Our pottery is handmade, collected in Portugal. A selection of our products are locally made. All made with love and care.
Sophie has a great love for handmade items, warm summer tones and exotic influences. She likes to work with natural materials, which ensure that each item tells its own and unique story. RUGS & RAMBLERS Boutique store was created from this passion: a unique, personal place where handmade items from Morocco and Portugal play the leading role. A place where you can dream away between the soft colors and fine fabrics. Three years ago, Sophie and her boyfriend bought an old house on the edge of the center of Haarlem. Together they renovated this building from top to bottom. Literally, because even the foundation needed attention. Where you now find the RUGS & RAMBLERS Boutique store, there used to be a upholstery shop and a bicycle shop. Down the street there was a spice shop, barber shop and a cigar farmer. A fantastic destination for a boutique and a dream come true.