A Custom Beni Ouarain costs €200 per square meter.

You can order your Beni Ouarain Rug in the color and size you like. Any color and composition is possible. We will discuss your wishes with our contact person in Morocco. We will inform you whether we can have the carpet made according to your wishes. With a Berber we are bound to size. The loom is about 3 meters wide. The length is not a problem, but the weavers do not allow knots wider than 3 meters. Having a Berber Custom Made will cost € 200 per square meter. This includes all costs such as transport to the Netherlands and delivery on location in the Netherlands. 

After your agreement, at least three weavers will be working for you. They will be knotting your Rug. Depending on the size, this will take about 3-4 weeks. After the rug is finished, it is washed. After that, it should dry well. Depending on the weather, the total process will take 6-8 weeks before the Rug can be transported. We always try to get photos when your rug is made, so you have an idea of ​​how far they are in the process and how the rug will turn out.