Wall Paint Residence 008

High-quality Water-Based Wall Paint with a Mediterranean ambience.

Residence is a earthy, deep and warm shade with a bit of ochre and gold, that gives a luxury but natural feel to your space. Perfect for kitchen walls, staircases, corridors, living and work spaces.

Our wall finish is cleanable which makes the daily living easy. Use a block brush to add a bit of structure or a roller to create a even and smoother finish.

Culte Wall Finish is produced by a small factory run by a family since 1905. When developing new paint products, we try to find a balance between the quality and durability of the paint and it’s impact on people and the environment. Fast drying so that painted areas can be used immediately.

Application: On stucco and plaster, wind-dry concrete, plaster, wood wool cement and board plates, Various types of wallpaper, glass fabric and glass fleece. Good adhering, water-resistant, existing dispersion wall paint layers, which have been thoroughly degreased and cleaned. Delivery within 1-3 workdays.



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2,5L, 5L, 10L, Color Card