Work Space Advice

Every workplace has a different purpose and energy needed for the space. It could be an office space that invites peace and soothing, or it could be a vibrant creative space.

Maybe you already have a bit of an idea of what you would like, but you can’t quite figure it out yourself. That’s totally okay. Sometimes you have an idea of what you want, but making choices and putting it into practice is a bit more difficult.

This Work Space bundle includes:

A personalized Moodboard with color advice, a list with personalized tips, a shopping list: max 5 items for you to get you started, and a shared Pinterest board for an inspiration boost.

Everyone has it’s own budget for furnishing a room. Please let us know what is achievable for you regarding the shopping list.

What we need from you:

A short explanation regarding the space and the function the space is used for, information regarding what you would like to see for the space,  set of clear photo’s of the space in question, information regarding your style and inspiration. After your purchase you receive mail within 24 hours including all the info.

What to expect from us:

You will receive an e-mail from us regarding the bundle you’ve chosen, After you made the order, we will respond within 24 hours. Make sure you’ve picked the right bundle for your project. We will schedule a call appointment when necessary. You will receive the full order within 15 days.